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Game of Thrones Mindblowing Theory
My dear friends, my name is Ric and I like Game of Thrones. Today I want to share with you a mindblowing conclusion I reached after talking with some friends. This may change the entire role of Jon Snow in the series. THE FOLLOWING TEXT CONTAIN POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!
First of all, I'd like to remember you about the scene where Ned Stark finds out that Joffrey Lannister isn't Robert Baratheon's son. Ned uses the color of the Baratheon House members' hair and discover that Joffrey is the only one with blond hair. Then he deduces that Joffrey is acctually Cercei's son with her brother, Jamie Lannister.
Now, let's analyze the collor of the Stark house's hair the same way that Ned did with Joffrey: Arya, Robb, Bran and Rickon have brown hair just like their father(Ned), Sansa has red hair just like her mother(Ned's wife, Catelyn). But Jon(Ned Stark's bastard son) has black hair. That's weird, even if his mother had black hair because, as we can see, he has low chances of inheriting that chara
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"Third journal, October 12th 2014. Pig sleeping in alley this morning, brace marks in the stomach. This town is afraid of him. He has seen its true face. The streets are extended walkways and the walkways are full of candy. And when the drains finally scab over, all the people will drown. The accumulated filth of all their dip dog and pizza will foam up about their waists and all the Northwests and Pines will look up and shout "Save us!"... and Bill will look down and whisper 'No.'"
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Super Buster - Issue #1 - Super Buster Begins
Twenty years ago, W.A.S.P Headquarters, New Mexico.
Agent Steve is looking at the blinking dot at the computer’s screen.
-Hey, Larson! – He says.
-What? – Said Larson coming closer and holding a bottle of beer.
-What’s this blinking red dot near Earth?
-It must be just another meteor.
-Should we warn the commander?
-What if it hits a city?
-We still have… What? Fifteen minutes?
-Hey, dude… I don’t think this is a meteor…
-What else it could be?
-See the frequencies? I think it is cosmic shit!
-Cosmic Shit?! Commander!!!
Gerald Barlo and his wife, Mary, live in a small town named Littlespring. They were eating some cookies when a big noise came from the living room.
-What was that? – Asked Mary.
Then, they heard a strange sound. It looked like a baby crying. When they went to the living room, they found a baby in the middle of the blazing fireplace. Gerald hurried and took him out of there.
-My God! – Said him.
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Quetin Hunter - Prologue - The Man With the Gun
“Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.”
                                                                        Klingon proverb
There are some who are born distinguished
There are some who are raised with praise
But once there was a man gifted
With the son who would dig his grave
Cheekbones chiseled with a feline face
Skill and savvy with a sword
His legend would spread far away
Through this horrible, cruel world…
Quentin Hunter entered the room covered in blood. He was wearing a black suit and had his brown hair unkempt. In his right hand he carried a shotgun, in his left hand, a book with a black cover.
The room had a table in the center and a bottle of whisky on it. The windows were cracked and there were bullets on the floor. A man came out from the shadows. He
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Super Buster - Issue #0 - Twenty Five Years Ago
 The Omega. A small planet in the whole Universe. It was ruled by it’s good king, Tomas. But Tomas died. His son, Stanley, took the throne. There’s just one problem: Stanley is an asshole. He decided to conquer the Universe and be the most powerful person ever. It was the beginning of the Omega Empire (because yes, all empires ere evil).
 After conquering the Universe, the Empire went to another dimension planning to conquer it’s Universe too. And it is in this Universe that our story begins. More specifically, in a planet named Lezadux.
 The Lezadux king, Xereber, ran through the city while the Omega ships battled the Lezadux ships in the sky. On earth, the good and the bad army were engaged in a violent battle. Xereber was carrying something, a little package. Everything was exploding around him, there was blood everywhere no one could resist the power of Omega Empire. Af
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Mists of London - Part 2 - Humpty Dumpty
The area in front of the British Museum was isolated by the police. Some detectives were analyzing Tom Wills’ lifeless body while others were interrogating the witnesses.
A car stopped in front of the gates and a tall and strong figure hopped outside. He went to the crime scene with large steps pushing his way through the crowd as if they were mere ants in his way. When he was entering the crime scene, an officer stopped him.
-I’m sorry, sir. – He said. – You can’t pass. This is a crime scene.
-Detective Sean Harris. – He pulled his badge out of the brown coat. – Scotland Yard.
Harris passed the yellow tape that marked the crime scene and walked towards the body.
-What happened here, officer?
-The victim’s name is Tom Wills. He’s the British Museum curator. A few hours ago, he was seen walking around the museum with Mrs. Stradford. They eventually split up and the next time they were seen together… He was dead.
-Cause of deat
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Help Brazil #changebrazil
Lately, many protests have been happening here in Brazil. Most of the press show it as vandalism, but i'll tell the truth. Many of you out there think of Brazil as a beautiful place with beautiful women and party. But it isn't. Brazil suffers every year with corruption and crime. All the money we pay that should support healthcare and education is being robbed by many of the politicians of our country. That money end up in their pockets and is also used to mask the real Brazil so everyone around the world think of it as a good place beacause they don't want you to care about brazillian people. Now we're going to host the 2014 world cup and suddenlly the government pops up with billions of money to build stadiums. And they also raised the bus ticket price and many people went to the streets to protest and the police reacted by spanking those people and shooting them with rubber bullets. This opened the brazillian people's eyes and now everyone here in Brazil is going to the streets to p
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Mists of London - Part 1 - Prologue
It was the coldest week in the year.
The mysterious figure dressed in a black coat with a dark hat walked in London streets as if he had done that a billion times but he had only been in the city for half a day. He had a bag with him. Christopher Nixon has a talent to memorize things. The ex-paranormal detective had received an invitation to do a lecture about paranormal events because of the British Museum’s temporary exhibition about mystery entitled “Mists of the World”.
Nixon entered the British Museum gates. The huge construction reminded him of the Pantheon. There were some people sitting on the stairs that leaded to the huge doors. He passed by the south stairs in direction to the Great Court. The gigantic room in the middle of the museum had information centers, restrooms, souvenir shops, cafés and many other services. In the center of the Court, Nixon could see the stairs leading to the Reading Room. The walls were decorated with posters displaying UFOs, the
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Blind - Episode 1
Erik Dieter was a soldier. He was born in Berlin, 1889. He had dark hair and black eyes. He never knew his parents. An orphan living in the streets of Germany. There weren’t many options to him than entering the army. People would look to him as a survivor.
Our story begins in the year of 1914. After the industrial revolution, people started doing more weapons. New technologies. The world was a bomb ready to blow up. They only needed a trigger, a motive to start everything.
Erik was only a scout. He was in Sarajevo with two more soldiers, Mack and Frederick. Frederick was using a disguise. They had a mission. Waiting outside the hospital, Erik started to remember what happened. The Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand was visiting Sarajevo that day. Earlier, someone had thrown a grenade at his car. He survived, and then looked at the guard.
-So this is how you receive your visitors?! You throw bombs at them?!- He said.
His wife, Sophie, was okay. That was good. He would be the he
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The Riddler's Revenge - Part 2
-What's that supposed to mean?- Asked Gordon.
-Maybe the answer is "December".- Said Burton.
-The "brothers" would be the other months. Since December is the last month in the year, we can associate it to "the rest of your dates".
-Where should this lead us?
-I don't know. But maybe you should check out Julian Day.
-The Calendar Man?
-He commits his crimes based on his obsession: Calendar dates. Maybe he knows something.
-Thank you for the help, doctor Burton. We'll be in contact in case anything happens.
Burton arrived at his apartment. The flat in the middle of Gotham. His wife, Helen, was waiting for him. Her blond hair and blue eyes were the only beautiful things in that night.
-What happened?- She asked.
-It's Nigma, my patient. He escaped.
-Did they catch him?
-Not yet. But i am sure they will.
-It's good to have you back here away from that lunatics.
-It's a dangerous job. Bu
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Some time ago, three students from Natal, Brazil, went to the local park: "Parque das Dunas" to do a short film about the people who worked there. During the filming they got lost in the woods and started recording their conversation using a voice recorder.
Some days later, the police found the recorder. This is what was recorded.
Daniel: March, second. We were doing our short and got lost in the woods. It's starting to get late. The camera´s battery died. I'm using my voice recorder. And we lost our phones.
Mateus: I'm thirsty.
Daniel: There's some water in my backpack. It's in that big pocket.
[unzipping sound]
Mateus: We're running out of water.
Felipe: We still have some coca-cola.
Mateus: We should go to a higher place where we can see everything.
Daniel: Why don't we get on a tree?
Felipe: The trees here are too tall. We might fall and die.
Daniel: It's getting dark out here. We should have stayed where we got lost. We must be miles away from the city.
Mateus: D
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Mio by Ricvictor Mio :iconricvictor:Ricvictor 2 0
The Riddler's Revenge - Part 1
Gotham City, 20:44
When Doctor Arnold Burton entered by the gates of Arkham Asylum, he could see that something was wrong. He passed by the various police cars that were in front of the Penitenciary. Doctor Jeremiah Arkham was talking to the Commissoner, Jim Gordon.
-What happened?- He asked.
-It's Edward.- Said Arkham. -He escaped.-
-He's your patient, isn't he?- Asked the comissoner.
-Yes.- Said Burton.
-Good. Maybe you can help us finding him.
-Of course! I have his whole profile memorized.
-So what do you know?
As they started walking to Edward's cell, Burton started to tell everything he knows.
-Edward Nigma, AKA "The Riddler". He's obsessed with riddles and puzzles. When he was just a kid, he wanted to impress his father and entered in a contest at school for solving a puzzle. He cheated by taking a photo of the puzzle's solution at his teacher desk, then his father spanked him. When he got older, started to get involved in crimes and murders. He wants to prove that he's the most
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Journey to Ressurection - chapter 1
Matthew Seagull is an ordinary sailor from Port Island. His job was quite easy: He has to export fish to the close lands, that's because Port Island's fishes are the best in the whole world. Matt lives with his wife, Megan, and his two children: Blake, 12 years old, and Mary, 4 years old. They were happy untill the day when the sea started a war against a storm. Many ships were sank and the sailors of Port were afraid. But Matt had to travel. The night before he would sail, they were having dinner when his wife said:
- You don't have to go, Matt. -
- Yes i do. - Said him. - Our fish is very important to the close lands. -
- They don't have the wright of entering here and taking you to the ship! -
- But it's my job to take food to other families. -
- Why don't you stay here with us? -
- Because i'm certain that they would do the same thing for us. -
  The next day, his family walked with him to the harbor. Before he entered in the boat, he hugged his two child and kissed his w
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Batman Gotham Knights by Jae Lee by DrDoom1081 Batman Gotham Knights by Jae Lee :icondrdoom1081:DrDoom1081 20 2 Two Face by Jae Lee by DrDoom1081 Two Face by Jae Lee :icondrdoom1081:DrDoom1081 10 0 Penguin by Dustin Nguyen by DrDoom1081 Penguin by Dustin Nguyen :icondrdoom1081:DrDoom1081 8 0 Joker by Tradd Moore by DrDoom1081 Joker by Tradd Moore :icondrdoom1081:DrDoom1081 37 0 Some Laughing Matter by aesthetic-derelict Some Laughing Matter :iconaesthetic-derelict:aesthetic-derelict 18 0 Elizabeth colored by GlebTheZombie Elizabeth colored :iconglebthezombie:GlebTheZombie 194 5 Graceful by Ypslon Graceful :iconypslon:Ypslon 12 1 kamaty moon by breath-art kamaty moon :iconbreath-art:breath-art 192 4 Drawlloween 2017 - Ghost by AbigailLarson Drawlloween 2017 - Ghost :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,524 14 Drawlloween 2017 - Black Cat by AbigailLarson Drawlloween 2017 - Black Cat :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,741 13 Drawlloween 2017 - Little Devil by AbigailLarson Drawlloween 2017 - Little Devil :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,037 10 Drawlloween 2017 - Tim Burton Tribute by AbigailLarson Drawlloween 2017 - Tim Burton Tribute :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 676 11 Who spilled that F butterfly food again by STelari Who spilled that F butterfly food again :iconstelari:STelari 231 21 Untitled by BrianKesinger Untitled :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 326 15 Hela jones?  by BrianKesinger Hela jones? :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 493 14 DEATH by BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY DEATH :iconbotagainsthumanity:BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY 167 17


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I like any kind of literature and i love writing since i was a little boy.
I like to read comics, watch animes, some cartoons...
I speak english very well because i'm awesome.
I like to write thriller and comedy stories.
Check my cousin's page -->
I'm from Brazil
I am 18 years old
I was born in 10/27/1997
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